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Why take gymnastics?

Gymnastics will develop strength, flexibility, and skills based on progressive gymnastics. These progressions will start with the fundamentals of movement patterns and coordination exercises

that are basic techniques used for any sport. Not only will your gymnast advance physically but they will also learn discipline, confidence, and goal setting that will prepare them to excel in all that they do.

Which class should I join?

The Jungle Gym Program was developed to help gymnasts safely and technically master skills on gymnastics apparatus. Gymnasts are placed in classes by skill level and/or age, our staff can help you decide on a class that is right for your child.


Each class will consist of 3 levels: yellow, red, and blue to ensure that your gymnast is always being challenged. As your gymnast masters skills listed on his/her skill card the instructor will check them off. Once a card is completed, the gymnast will advance to the next level card. Gymnasts begin at the yellow level, level 1, and progress to the blue level, level 3. During ribbon weeks, throughout the year, gymnasts will be awarded colored ribbons for each level that they have passed.



What can I expect during a class?

Classes begin with a warm-up that consists of a cardiovascular period and stretches for all the major muscle groups.  Recreational gymnasts break into groups of five to seven students that rotate to gymnastics apparatus for 15-minute intervals.  For girls, these events consist of vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline, dance, and strength. Boys participate in vault, mushroom, high bar, parallel bars, rings, floor, trampoline, and strength.


Who are our coaches?

Coaches at VTGI have gymnastics and/or childcare experience.  There is a USA Gymnastics Safety certified coach present during all of our classes.  Our coaches make an effort to get to know each gymnast in their classes personally.  With our small coach to student ratios, each student should expect to consistently improve on their fitness and skill levels, have fun by participating in a variety of activities, and feel good about their accomplishments by receiving positive feedback.